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£12 of Music & 1 Audiobook – FREE!!

Established music download site eMusic are offering £12 worth of free music when you sign up for a free trial with them. The free trial lasts seven days, so all you have to do is spend your £12 allowance on the music you want and then cancel your account (which is as easy as clicking a few buttons) before […]

Week 8

Two months in and things are looking good in Week 8. After something of a shock last week I was determined to bounce back quickly. That is exactly what’s happened this week as I have posted my record week so far for earnings – a stark contrast to the dismal loss incurred just seven days ago. The […]

New Current Account

The Idea: The more committed followers may have noticed I have yet to post a new idea this week. This isn’t a sign that I’m running out of ideas, but rather that I have been busy executing those ideas I have already voiced. I am conscious that I need to avoid spreading myself too thin and negating the impact […]

The Great Leaflet Epiphany

As I was making my way around an estate delivering my dog walking flyers a couple of days ago I was slightly troubled. I knew that I was putting in the work now to hopefully reap the reward in the future, but I couldn’t help but feel I was wasting time to some extent. I was trying my […]

Get Paid to Advertise

The traditionalists amongst us will think that placing an advert will involve paying for the privilege.  Whilst that may be true for traditional outlets like local newspaper classifieds sections, there is a growing availability of free advertising space from online providers. Relatively new to this market in the UK is Vivastreet, who will incredibly pay you to post […]

Bank Error In Your Favour – Collect £10

In a strange turn of events this week I noticed a deposit to my account of £10 from “SEQ Solutions LT”. I have no idea who this company is and don’t recall having any dealings with them. My account for this project is completely separate from any personal accounts I have and as such I have only given the […]

Week 7

Looking back on this week is unfortunately a slightly disheartening experience. I have made my first, and hopefully last, net loss. It is not a huge loss, but neither is it a small one. Coming in at -£40.31 after all is taken into account for the week is hardly inspiring stuff. A combination of factors […]


The Idea: As I have begun to build a small pool of holdings in cash, I need to begin looking at ways I can maximise my return on this. The first I have chosen to look at is Zopa. It is a ‘peer to peer’ lending site. This is essentially a way for people to lend […]

Accounts Demystified

By Anthony Rice One thing I was sure of going into this project is that I would need at least a basic understanding of accounting principles. Whilst it might not be the most exciting of subjects, it is a valuable skill – not only to keep track of ‘the stash’ in a correct way (particularly […]

Computer Services

The Idea: I need a new idea that is going to start bringing in a more significant source of income than anything I have previously tried if I am going to reach my goal. I’m hoping this one will go some way towards that. The concept is to start up a basic IT company – nothing fancy […]

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