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Week 6

I had envisioned week 6 to be a week of building for the future. In some ways that was the case, but not to the extent I expected. I had significantly bigger outgoings this week, and whilst that may sound like a bad thing, I’m looking at it positively. It means things are happening. Obviously […]


A seemingly little known gem, the completely free BITE card gives you 20% off food and drink at UK railway stations. Brands participating include Upper Crust, Burger King, Cafe Ritazza and many more – see the full list here. It works in the same way as most loyalty schemes, simply sign up and then flash the card […]


The Idea: Stoozing is the name given to the technique of using a 0% credit card for purchases, and putting the money usually used to pay off the card each month into a high interest savings account. It is essentially a way to minimise the cost of spending, and can be a fairly lucrative practice, […]

Humble Beginnings

I got my first box of flyers today. Whilst to most other people this may not seem like cause for much excitement, I feel it is a momentous occasion as I’m sure it will be the first of many batches over the course of this pioneering year. This particular lot herald the start of my Dog Walking […]

Week 5

After week 4 I approached this week feeling I needed something of a return to form. It’s not that week 4 was particularly bad in regards to earnings, it wasn’t great either, but what concerned me more was that I was in danger of essentially becoming a full time mystery shopper. As noble a calling as […]

Dog Walking

The Idea: One thing you can’t accuse me of is being a one trick pony. This week’s activities range from a website to provide football games, to the more traditional approach of taking man’s best friend for a walk. I recently looked after a dog for someone, which involved walking it. It dawned on me that […]

Saturday Night Football

The Idea: You may have looked at the title and thought, ‘hold on, how is he planning to make money out of playing football…’ Well that is the beauty of it. Getting paid for doing what you love must be up there on the top of anyone’s wish list, I’ve decided to make it a reality. […]

Enterprising Vicar

I saw this in the news today and thought it was very interesting in the context of my project, and well worth sharing. This rather forward thinking vicar from Huddersfield handed out £10 to members of his parish and asked them to multiply it. On hand-outs totalling £550, the parish has received £10,000 back! Unfortunately the BBC News […]

Week 4

With the long Easter weekend, this week seemed to go by very quickly indeed. I spent the vast majority of it working on plans for new initiatives, whilst keeping up some old favourites to keep the revenue coming in slowly but surely. Mystery shopping brought in a vast majority of my revenue for this week. […]

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