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Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. This means that if you click through to the sites using these links, I may receive a small fee from the site in question for referring traffic to them, depending on whether you make a purchase/sign up. This in no way affects the price you pay or service you receive, you will proceed to shop/browse as normal. Any proceeds from this will go towards the project ‘stash’ and as such you will be helping in a small way to grow it, making for a more interesting and exciting blog. Whilst I appreciate you do not have to use these links, if you enjoy this site and my project, I would appreciate it if you supported me by using these links where appropriate. The use of links in no way affects my content, and I am not linked to any companies – this site is 100% independent  as are the views expressed within. I do not accept payment or sponsorship for writing content or reviews (though if someone wants to pay me £22,800 to do so, I may consider it!). If you would like information on how theses links are tracked, please see the Cookie Policy. If you have any questions about this, you can contact me here. Below is a list of affiliate links used on this site:

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