The Idea: As I have begun to build a small pool of holdings in cash, I need to begin looking at ways I can maximise my return on this. The first I have chosen to look at is Zopa. It is a ‘peer to peer’ lending site. This is essentially a way for people to lend […]

Slice The Pie

The Idea: Despite sounding like the worlds worst management talk, Slicethepie is actually a rather unique and contemporary website.  I thought it was worth checking out, more out of intrigue than anything else. The principle behind it is to pay people to listen to and write short, simple reviews on music tracks. Artists pay to submit their tracks […]

Survey Sites

The Idea If you read any article about ways to make money on the internet, you will undoubtedly hear about online survey sites. These are sites that reward you to participate in short online surveys on a range of topics. This reward usually comes in the form of points-per-survey, which you can exchange for cash […]

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