Adfly Advertising

The Idea: I recently came across a site called Adfly, which you may not recognise, but if you spend a lot of time online, will probably have experienced at some point. It is essentially a service that sells visitors to a site through advertising, but not in the usual Google Ads sort of way. People who […]

Paid Market Research

The Idea: Capitalism lesson number one: companies need us to like and buy their product. It’s hardly rocket science, but it is an integral part of what keeps our society ticking over. Rather sensibly, many companies like to know whether people will like their brand new innovation before they spend millions on a new product […]

The dog walking experiment

Unless you’re entirely new to this blog (welcome!), or have been ignoring my recent posts (shame on you!), then you will likely have heard me mention that my effort to get some work as a Dog Walker has finally paid off. I first had the idea back on the 7th April – I don’t have […]

The forgotten few

It’s not all about your big schemes, sometimes it pays to take a step back and make sure the small steps are in place. As they say, look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves. As you may well have noticed by now, I welcome just about any income to my stash, however […]

Tracker Fund

The Idea: I have been saying for a while now that I need to put my money somewhere that it is going to work for me and earn something towards my total. Whilst over the course of a year it might not make that much, each pound that I earn can be used as a […]

New Current Account

The Idea: The more committed followers may have noticed I have yet to post a new idea this week. This isn’t a sign that I’m running out of ideas, but rather that I have been busy executing those ideas I have already voiced. I am conscious that I need to avoid spreading myself too thin and negating the impact […]

Computer Services

The Idea: I need a new idea that is going to start bringing in a more significant source of income than anything I have previously tried if I am going to reach my goal. I’m hoping this one will go some way towards that. The concept is to start up a basic IT company – nothing fancy […]


The Idea: Stoozing is the name given to the technique of using a 0% credit card for purchases, and putting the money usually used to pay off the card each month into a high interest savings account. It is essentially a way to minimise the cost of spending, and can be a fairly lucrative practice, […]

Dog Walking

The Idea: One thing you can’t accuse me of is being a one trick pony. This week’s activities range from a website to provide football games, to the more traditional approach of taking man’s best friend for a walk. I recently looked after a dog for someone, which involved walking it. It dawned on me that […]

Saturday Night Football

The Idea: You may have looked at the title and thought, ‘hold on, how is he planning to make money out of playing football…’ Well that is the beauty of it. Getting paid for doing what you love must be up there on the top of anyone’s wish list, I’ve decided to make it a reality. […]

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