Week 15

When writing my update for last week, I wasn’t exactly sure how this one would turn out. I didn’t have a huge amount lined up, so I was somewhat cautious in my predicted earnings. As it turns out, I needn’t have been so timid. Week 15 went very well, and actually turned out to be […]

Week 14

You may remember that I had set my target for this week at £300, the highest ever. As such, I knew there was much to do if I was going to reach this goal. I knew I had a couple of days of one off work scheduled which was handy, but that wouldn’t even get […]

Week 13

I had thought week 13 may well be a bit of a struggle, and had worried it was going to be a complete flop. This was because I was away for the Monday and Tuesday, and thus was unable to do much, if anything to make money for the first two days. Not only that, […]

Week 12

Those of you who read about week 11 might remember me mentioning that I got off to a storming start for week 12. I just seemed to have one of those weeks where everything I touched turned to gold. By Monday afternoon I was sitting on £170.00 – more than I’ve made in some whole […]

Week 11

Amongst the many interesting challenges this project poses, perhaps one of the most stretching is the need to balance the many ongoing initiatives I have, come up with new innovations and increase the reach of the various ideas all whilst trying to maintain profitability. I’m certainly not aware of many jobs that involve posting flyers […]

Week 10

Into the double figures, which means I’m nearly 1/5 of the way through this groundbreaking year. When I talk to many people about my undertaking and my progress so far, they often express surprise at how much I have made. I have been surprised by this reaction to a large extent as in my mind […]

Week 9

Things have been a bit quiet on the post front this week – whilst I’m not happy about it, it is a sign of the positive week more than anything else. I have had a couple of posts I’ve wanted to write but just seemed to run out of time for various reasons. However, there will be […]

Week 8

Two months in and things are looking good in Week 8. After something of a shock last week I was determined to bounce back quickly. That is exactly what’s happened this week as I have posted my record week so far for earnings – a stark contrast to the dismal loss incurred just seven days ago. The […]

Week 7

Looking back on this week is unfortunately a slightly disheartening experience. I have made my first, and hopefully last, net loss. It is not a huge loss, but neither is it a small one. Coming in at -£40.31 after all is taken into account for the week is hardly inspiring stuff. A combination of factors […]

Week 6

I had envisioned week 6 to be a week of building for the future. In some ways that was the case, but not to the extent I expected. I had significantly bigger outgoings this week, and whilst that may sound like a bad thing, I’m looking at it positively. It means things are happening. Obviously […]

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