Zopa Update

Merely days after my post on Zopa, they went and changed the game slightly. It’s almost as if they knew. It by no means represents a radical overhaul but is a fairly significant progression. I don’t intend to offer a comprehensive review of it, but felt it was right to at least touch on it […]

Enterprising Vicar

I saw this in the news today and thought it was very interesting in the context of my project, and well worth sharing. This rather forward thinking vicar from Huddersfield handed out £10 to members of his parish and asked them to multiply it. On hand-outs totalling £550, the parish has received £10,000 back! Unfortunately the BBC News […]

Urgent: ISA Deadline Approaching

As the end of the financial year looms, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s something only big companies, accountants or the self-employed need to worry about. April 5th also heralds the end of ISA allowances for the year. If you have any money knocking about, you should seriously consider looking at one. What is an ISA? […]

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