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The Idea:
Gosling park astro turf

The hallowed turf where it all begins

You may have looked at the title and thought, ‘hold on, how is he planning to make money out of playing football…’ Well that is the beauty of it. Getting paid for doing what you love must be up there on the top of anyone’s wish list, I’ve decided to make it a reality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hardly going to be the thousands of pounds a week a professional footballer pockets, but hopefully I can make a small profit from it. So how am I doing this? Well it’s basically by providing a service, I have set up a website,, which provides a portal whereby people can reserve a space to play football in an organised game. I am providing the organisation and means for people to get a regular game of football, with a few added extras to add value. Admittedly it will mainly be with people I know and mates, and as such I won’t be making much from it, but if it goes well who knows where it might lead.

Investment Required

Fairly small really, all in the website cost about £20 to get running, plus probably around 6 hours of my time (I didn’t keep track so that is a very rough estimation). Now that is set up the weekly input is minimal, maybe an hour of dealing with problems and tinkering with the site, but not much more. There is the cost of buying a few footballs and some bibs to factor in, but that should be covered within a few weeks. Other than that, the cost of hiring the pitch will be paid for directly by bookings, and it will only be hired providing enough people have booked.

Capital: £60 (Including website and equipment, ongoing costs are covered by revenue)

Time(hrs): 1/week (plus the 6 or so it took to set up the website)

Return On Investment

The game is priced at £2.50 per player if booked early, or £3.00 near to the game. The maximum number the pitch can accommodate is 18, but it is more likely that about 14 per week will be the usual. This means an expected average of about £35-£40 a week, but take the £30 pitch hire out of that, plus PayPal fees for people not paying cash and it’s not a huge amount. But it is a small source of income for almost no effort.

Projected ROI:  250% based on estimations. However this doesn’t include time invested or unforeseen costs.

Expected Return: £190 for the year (Assuming about £5 a week profit, and subtracting the upfront costs. Also assumed games will take place 80% of the remaining 48 weeks)

Skills/Resources Required

Takes a fair bit of web design knowledge to get the website running and to take and maintain bookings. Also requires the ability to organise a pitch weekly, sounds simple but the list of football games that never happen due to no-one organising it properly is endless. The beauty of this project is that once it is set up, the resources and time required is minimal.

The website itself, feel free to check it out

The website itself, why not check it out


There is the risk that it will not be popular, that people won’t take to the website or idea. There is also the possibility that people turn up and don’t pay and such things. However, by keeping set up costs relatively low, I have minimised this risk. It should only take about 9-10 weeks to recover costs, so that is the minimum requirement to avoid making a loss. There is always an element of risk in any venture, but I feel in this it is controlled enough to not be a major worry.


This is where I really see the key to this idea. It is not going to have a huge impact on my total on the scale I am currently applying it. However, if I find it is successful and popular, it is very easily scalable. Adding one extra game a week could be done with almost no extra effort. There is also the opportunity to arrange tournaments and leagues. If this goes well, I hope to be able to roll it out on a much larger scale, and the infrastructure is all there to do it, with some minor adjustments.


I have high hopes for this one. Whilst it isn’t a huge earner, if all goes to plan it should be a pretty steady, low effort way to make a little money each week. But the potential for growth is there, now all the necessary elements have been put into place, providing it goes well, I can expand this and roll it out on a larger scale.

The Verdict


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