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The Idea

Search Lotto review - The search engine that pays you in lottery tickets

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit this one is a bit of a long shot… but as the old saying goes, you have to buy a ticket to win the raffle. Well actually in this instance, you don’t have to buy a ticket. Search Lotto is a site that allows you to gain National Lottery tickets simply through searching the internet. I am the biggest sceptic around when it comes to the lottery, and you wouldn’t catch me spending £1 a week to enter, but when I can do it for free, well why not? It is essentially a search engine, you use it just as you would Google. Admittedly it’s not a particularly good search engine, but it will suffice for most things. For every 25 searches, you gain one lottery entry. This only actually equates to 1/10 of a ticket though, so in the unlikely event of winning, any winnings would be shared equally with 9 other users.

Investment Required

Nothing but a few minutes each week. Most likely just search random terms on Search Lotto to make sure I get an entry into each draw available. 10 minutes of my time a week – tops.

Capital: £0

Time(hrs): 0.1/week

Return On Investment

Anything I do win, however unlikely, is pure profit.

Projected ROI:  ∞

Expected Return: £0 -£2                                                                                       (assumption based upon matching 3 numbers every 57 entries, see the odds here)

Skills/Resources Required

A monkey could do it.

Search lotto odds of winning

Odds of winning are low, but so is the investment needed

It is, statistically speaking, extremely unlikely I will win anything over £2 from Search Lotto in a year. The odds of winning a significant amount are 1/55,491 (source), so assuming I amass 104 entries over the course of the year, that means I have a 1/534 chance of winning a decent amount. And that’s just based on winning somewhere in the region of £150, the chances of winning anything higher aren’t even worth writing about. Considering there is no capital involved, the only risk is I waste a very small amount of time I could be using more wisely.


Practically none. Search Lotto imposes a limit of two entries a week and that is where it ends. There isn’t any way I can conceive of to expand.


Let’s be honest, the likelihood is that over the course of a year I end up winning £1 from this. However, it basically takes zero investment, there is practically no risk, and the gambler in me says “but what if you win big”. So for those reasons it’s worth a punt, but certainly not expected to make a dent in my target in reality.

The Verdict


Update (16/03/2013): I only went and had a winning ticket! That’s right, I received a share of 1/10 of £10, netting me one whole pound. Actually, more accurately I didn’t have a winning ticket, but they had a system error that emailed me telling me I did, and fair play to them, they honoured it and paid the £1 into my bank account.

Update (13/05/2013): I went and won again! Only this time I actually did have a winning ticket rather that an error. The downside is that it is only £1, but it’s welcome nonetheless. If nothing else, it shows that it is indeed a genuine system that works.

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