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The Idea:
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Grab a slice of the music pie by being paid to give your thoughts

Despite sounding like the worlds worst management talk, Slicethepie is actually a rather unique and contemporary website.  I thought it was worth checking out, more out of intrigue than anything else. The principle behind it is to pay people to listen to and write short, simple reviews on music tracks. Artists pay to submit their tracks so they can get honest and varied feedback from people all around the world without having to lift a finger. All a user needs to do is listen to a track, write their thoughts, give it a rating and receive a small payment.  A simple, yet brilliant concept which must be great for up and coming bands trying to make it who can’t afford to hire entourages to deal with this aspect of the industry. Payments are made in cash into a PayPal account.

Investment Required

No investment required, it is as simple as visiting Slicethepie, signing up with an email address, answering a few basic questions on music tastes and then getting stuck in. There are no quotas or targets set, just listen to what you can when you like and submit a paragraph or so summing up your thoughts. It only takes a minute or two per track.

Capital: £0

Time(hrs): As much or as little as desired.

Return On Investment

The payment per review varies slightly based on a number of factors, but it is between about $0.06 and $0.15 from what I can tell just from a short stint. To give you an example, I spent just shy of 10 minutes on it, and must have reviewed about 5 tracks and earned $0.52. It’s not much, but I found it to actually be quite enjoyable, and if you’re really keen on music you can live out your dream of writing for NME Magazine. With no upfront cost return is technically infinite, but unless you’re really keen it’s unlikely to rack up much more than $1 a day.

Projected ROI:  ∞

Expected Return: around £1 for 20 minutes I’d estimate.

Skills/Resources Required

It doesn’t take a particular skill set, a general interest in music will do. You don’t have to be a real music buff to do it either, they’re looking for the everyday man or woman on the streets view – after-all that is who buys their music in the main. Better written reviews are rewarded more generously, so a decent grasp of written English and some basic knowledge of musical terms will help the money clock up a little faster.

Man enjoys music.

Be sure to be as smug as this guy while you get paid to listen to music.


Not much to say in the way of risk. As long as it isn’t seen as a source of income but rather as a little hobby to pass the time then it’s risk free. Quit the day job with dreams of becoming a freelance music reviewer through Slicethepie though, and you might come to regret your decision.


It’s never going to be a significant earner, and I don’t envisage making much money off it at all. I did find the concept interesting though, and wonder if there is further potential in the crowdsourcing phenomenon that is sweeping the web in various forms in the past few years.


It’s something I wanted to look at, and share because I think it is a really great concept. There are plenty of people around the world who love music and like having their opinions heard. There are also thousands of bands trying to breakthrough, looking for direction and constructive feedback from their audience to know how to move forward. The genius of Slicethepie is to bring these groups together, rewarding both with in different ways, and no doubt making a handsome profit on the side. It makes you wonder about the future of this kind of industry.  The flip-side is, that it is not going to be a sensible way for me to proceed. Whilst it is an easy and enjoyable way to make a few pounds here and there, it’s not the kind of income I’m looking for. The principle behind it though is something well worth keeping in mind I feel.

The Verdict


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  1. More people using this might keep all the loons off of X-Factor! I’m sold.

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