£12 of Music & 1 Audiobook – FREE!!

£12 free music with eMusicEstablished music download site eMusic are offering £12 worth of free music when you sign up for a free trial with them. The free trial lasts seven days, so all you have to do is spend your £12 allowance on the music you want and then cancel your account (which is as easy as clicking a few buttons) before the trial finishes and you won’t be charged a penny.

As if that wasn’t good enough, eMusic are also offering a free audio book if you click the option for an audiobook trial as during sign up. It is the same deal, as long as you cancel your eMusic account by the end of the seven day period you won’t be charged anything and all downloads are your to keep forever!

It must be said the music selection isn’t fantastic, but you will be able to find something you like. The audio book selection is extensive though, and in my opinion the trial is worth it for that alone – many audio books can cost well in excess of £10, so take the chance to grab yourself a free one from eMusic.

The eMusic site is easy to use and downloads are simply managed. All tracks and audio books should work on any device so offers an excellent opportunity to bolster the iPod library at no cost. Sign up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes – a payment card is required but is only charged if you choose not to cancel before the trial period ends.

Personally I signed up, spent 10 minutes choosing the music and audiobook I wanted, downloaded them and cancelled my account. It probably took about 20 minutes and was easily done. A nice cost free and easy way to add to the music library.

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