£20 worth of fuel for £9 – Act Fast!

Get £20 of shell fuel for less than £10This one is a little gem, but the numbers are limited so you’ll have to act fast. A 50% plus saving on the cost of fuel is always welcome. It’s a little fiddly in what you have to do, but if you’re willing to give it 10 minutes of your time it’s a decent saving.

What is it?

It’s a Shell drivers club card with 4,000 points loaded on. This translates to £20 worth of fuel. Deal site Mighty Deals (similar to things like Groupon, Wowcher etc.) is selling it for £10.

How to get it?

Simply visit Mighty Deals and you’ll see the offer on the home page. All you need to do is add it to the basket and purchase which takes only a minute or two. Then the card will be sent to you in a couple of weeks in the post. Once you’ve received the card, you will need register it and redeem the points for petrol vouchers. These will then also be posted out to you. The whole process could take 6ish weeks, so a bit of patience will be handy, though it’s not as though you’ll have to do much other than wait.

Hold on, you said £9 and it costs £10…

How very observant of you. Well, to sweeten the deal, buy it through a cashback link. Topcashback give 15.15% cashback for Mighty deals, but I’m having problems logging in on their site, perhaps it’s just me but it looks like there’s a problem with it at the moment. So failing that, Quidco are offering 10% back which is a good alternative. This will mean you’ve landed £20 worth of fuel at £9 or less. You can’t argue with that.

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