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Big savings for regular travellers

A seemingly little known gem, the completely free BITE card gives you 20% off food and drink at UK railway stations. Brands participating include Upper Crust, Burger King, Cafe Ritazza and many more – see the full list here. It works in the same way as most loyalty schemes, simply sign up and then flash the card when purchasing to get a whopping 20% off your bill. It is as simple as that, and if you travel by train with any kind of regularity, it’s well worth signing up for. For those not convinced, let me give you a little illustration.

Let’s say Bob buys a coffee at Paddington Station every morning on his way to work. Assuming he works the average of about 230 days in a year and pays £2 for his coffee we can see that:

230 x £2 = £460

20% of £460 = £92

A staggering £92 over the course of a year, simply for carrying about one extra card. If you’re regularly buying food at railway stations, you can safely assume the savings will rack up even faster. One might suggest Bob should just wait till he gets to work for his morning coffee, and save himself the £460 a year, but it’s a start.

take away coffee cups multi coloured.

The savings soon stack up

Getting a card is easy, just visit the BITE website and sign up for a card, or pick one up at a station and activate it online. You could soon be enjoying your commuting treats for a little less.

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