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Get paid to advertise with VivastreetThe traditionalists amongst us will think that placing an advert will involve paying for the privilege.  Whilst that may be true for traditional outlets like local newspaper classifieds sections, there is a growing availability of free advertising space from online providers. Relatively new to this market in the UK is Vivastreet, who will incredibly pay you to post an advert on their site. By going through this TopCashback Link, placing an ad on Vivastreet will earn you £1.60. Whilst it might not be a huge sum it’s nice to be paid to advertise. Even better is that you can do two per week, so just keep posting the ad every few days through the link and earn each time. I’ve already racked up a nice £13 from advertising various things related to my projects.

There are a few stipulations – the ad must contain at least 50 characters and contain at least one photo. And for the hopeless romantics out there, ads in the personals section are excluded from the promotion. Being a relatively new site, Vivastreet won’t get the same reach as something like Gumtree which is more established, but why not stick your ad on both, it will only take you a minute or two to copy and paste it over.

So whether you want to shift an old stereo or just find a player for your sports team, get paid to do so by taking advantage of this promotion – and I can give you an exclusive inside scoop after being in contact with one of the Vivastreet promotions team that this offer will be withdrawn at any time in the next couple of months, so act fast to make the most of it.

Wondering why they are doing this? Well it’s because they’re relatively new to the game and as such fairly unknown. They are undoubtedly making a loss on ads placed this way, but they are attempting to raise their reach and profile to compete with the likes of Gumtree.

Update (17/07/13): As predicted the £1.60 rate of cashback has now disappeared. However,  TopCashback still do offer a £0.10 rate for an advert placed on Vivastreet via their link – definitely better than nothing. Also, there’s no limit to how many times you can do this, other than the two per week stipulation.

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