Make over £100 in 2 hours

Making money has never been so easy

An easy six-step guide to making a little bonus income

For a while now I have been milking the cash cow that is cashback sites. So far I have made over £500 on them and much of that has been from free offers or offers that pay more than the purchase.

I want to show everyone how easy it is to make money this way, and that’s why I’ve put together this guide to show you how to make over £100 in just a few hours. You’ll also pick up a few freebies along the way. All the links on this page will take you straight to the relevant cash back offer on TopCashback to make life easy.

Step 1: Sign up to TopCashback:

This is a pretty integral part of the process – and dead simple. Click here to go straight to the signup page and get started, it should only take a couple of minutes. It’s worth noting there are other cashback sites – but in my experience TopCashback has been by far the best and is what we’ll be using here, although Quidco is also worth a look. From here on, all promotions mentioned require you to click through from the TopCashback website, otherwise you won’t qualify for the cashback. To make life easy, each link will take you straight to the correct TopCashback page in question.

Time: 5 Minutes

Earnt: £0

Join Top Cashback

Step 2: Get some free films:

An old favourite of mine. Take out a 30 day free trial with LOVEFiLM and watch movies for free. As if that wasn’t good enough, they’ll pay you £10.10 to do so. It’s quick and easy to sign up. To qualify for the cashback you must add at least 10 titles to your watch list and receive 2 discs. If you opt for the streaming only this doesn’t apply, instead you need to watch at least 120 minutes. It’s not exactly hard graft to watch a couple of films. Cancel the trial and return any discs before the 30 days is up to avoid being billed.

Time: 15 Minutes

Earnt: £10.10

Step 3: Have a little flutter:

Whilst you wait for your movie to start, why not place a little bet. Rarely a sensible way to make money, but this is the exception. The offers and promotions are changing all the time with betting sites so it’s worth checking what’s best, but Paddy Power is usually up there. At the time of writing they are offering £30.30 on a £10 casino bet. Simply sign up through the link, deposit the necessary amount (£10 in this case) and place your bet. Already in £20.30 of profit whether you win or lose, you can consider any winnings as a happy bonus! Don’t be tempted to start betting more – this is a good way to wipe out any earnings in a hurry! Just get the cashback and shamelessly walk away. Before doing this, take a look at my words of advice at the bottom of the article.

Time: 15 Minutes

Earnt: £20.30

Step 4: Get a credit check:

Get paid to have a credit checkConcerned that the banks might get wind of your newfound betting habits? Well put your mind at ease by getting a free credit check. You have a few choices here as Credit ExpertEquifax and Checkmyfile all offer around £5 for a free trial of their service. My advice is to do each but spread them apart by a few months, or wait until you’re applying for a bank account or credit card and use them first to check everything is in order. The check doesn’t show up on your file and so has no effect on your credit rating. I’m going to choose Credit Expert for this guide, as it pays the most (by 50p) and is a pretty good service. Again it’s a case of simply signing up for the trial and cancelling within 30 days to avoid being billed.

Time: 15 Minutes

Earnt: £5.55

Step 5: Give the Bingo wings a workout:

If you’ve been following my blog you will have heard about my money making bingo exploits. Whilst it might not be your cup of tea, it can be a lucrative business. Gala Bingo is offering £40.40 back for a £10 deposit and play. It’s a no brainer really. This is a limited time offer, but there is usually something similar, so if you have missed this one, just have a look under the bingo sites. Sign up, deposit £10 and learn how to play bingo. They usually offer some kind of welcome bonus as well, so make the most of that. Ensure you buy £10 worth of tickets, as if not you won’t get the cash back. They don’t all have to be in one go, so it’s up to you how and when you play. After you’ve played the £10, if you’re lucky enough to have won something and thus have some cash left, my advice would be to withdraw it and feel smug, but of course you can continue to play if you prefer. Mecca Bingo is also worth a look – they’ll give £28.28 on a £10 play. There’s nothing stopping you joining as many as you like, as long as you’re not already a customer.

Time: 30-45 Minutes

Earnt: £48.68 (for both)

Step 6: Get a free audio book:

Get paid to download an audio bookSee the error of your gambling ways and seek to ween yourself off with the distraction of a good book. Audible (an Amazon company) will give you £4.04 and an audiobook when you take out a free trial. There’s a huge range to choose from and they are usually quite expensive. Choose your book and download it, then cancel the account before the trial period ends.

Time: 10-15 Minutes

Earnt: £4.04

Step 6: Back to the old ways:

Finish your book and suffer an unfortunate relapse into the betting realm. Sign up to William Hill Vegas, deposit and play £10 to get £36.36 back. it’s a similar story to the others – just play the £10, escape with any winnings you’re lucky enough to have and wait for the cashback to roll in.

Time: 15 Minutes

Earnt: £26.36

Enjoy Your Money

That’s it. A total of 113.03, a month of films and a free audio book – plus any winnings you made. All for around 2 hours sat down at a computer.

Now the task of choosing what to do with your money. May I make a suggestion – because this is money you wouldn’t have had otherwise, take the opportunity to invest it and see what you can make it grow into!

Share your story of how much you managed to make, taking any winnings into account, and what you plan to do with your newfound riches in the comments below.

Total Time: 115 Minutes

Total Earnings: £113.03

Some words of wisdom and warning!

I would like to stress I recommend only using gambling sites to get the cashback, they’re not a place to try and make money. Think very carefully about signing up to them if you think you will find it hard to stop. Only deposit what is necessary to qualify for the cashback reward and make it very clear in your head that you won’t deposit any more.

Cash back, whilst usually reliable is never guaranteed – as such occasionally you may not get the reward promised. Always check the full offer details on the cashback site to ensure you meet the requirements. When taking out a free trial, ensure you understand if and when it will change to a billed plan, and stick a note in your diary to ditch it by then – unless of course you want to carry on using the service.

Most of these offers are for new customers only, so if you already have an account, tough luck I’m afraid. However, in most cases you will be able to find an equivalent deal with another company. There is usually a period of anywhere between 2 weeks to a few months before the cashback becomes payable. If cash flow is an issue for you, think twice about the promotions which require an upfront deposit. Now return to step 3

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  1. Alice Clark says:

    YOu might want to include binary options as a way of earning £100 in an hour. If you are lucky and knowledgable enough to do the trade you could be able to get a better return than that.

  2. Can’t be that easy. Usually the casino does not let you withdraw bonus money until you have wagered a certain amount. (usually enough to ensure you are flat broke) . I mean.. why allow people to have free money? “here, make a deposit and we’ll give you 20 quid, then off you go down to the shops on us”

    • You’re right about them having wagering requirements, and I have mentioned these in the guide. The key though is to make sure that the cashback reward is higher than the amount you need to wager, that way you make a profit no matter what. Then any winnings is just a nice bonus on top of already having made a little something.

      It can be a little hard to understand why they would be willing to hand out cash like this, but it is all part of their marketing strategy. Their hope is to suck people in and get them hooked, as in the long run they can make hundreds or even thousands of pounds from a single ‘customer’. That is why I recommend just wagering the minimum requirement for the cashback then getting out of there. Also why I warn anyone who thinks they might not have the willpower to do that not to go near it.

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