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Vidahost was recommended to me by several sources when I was looking for web hosting, so after a bit of research I went for them. They’re as cheap as anyone else I found and they’ve been excellent. Support is second to none, and I haven’t ever experienced any problems with them. I would certainly recommend at least looking at them if your shopping for hosting. Because I’ve been so pleased with them, I blagged a few Vidahost coupons to share with you:

10% off Hosting:                  Theinvestor10

15% off Premium VDSs:      Theinvestor15

20% off SSL Certificates:     Theinvestor20

To redeem the vouchers, just visit the Vidahost site, and enter the codes at the appropriate point in the ordering process.

Enjoy! And feel free to share with others. You can even use the options below to share straight to your Facebook, Twitter or other sites.

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