Car Boot Sale for Beginners Guide

Guide to Car Boot Sale

Having recently gone to my first ever car boot sale, there were a lot of things I thought would have been nice to know beforehand, that prompted me to write this guide. I was lucky enough to go along with someone who had been a few times before, and … [Continue reading]

Week 14

Week 14 sees me make good money

You may remember that I had set my target for this week at £300, the highest ever. As such, I knew there was much to do if I was going to reach this goal. I knew I had a couple of days of one off work scheduled which was handy, but that wouldn't even … [Continue reading]

Week 13

Week 13 sees me make £200

I had thought week 13 may well be a bit of a struggle, and had worried it was going to be a complete flop. This was because I was away for the Monday and Tuesday, and thus was unable to do much, if anything to make money for the first two days. Not … [Continue reading]

The forgotten few

Nectar points can be a good way of saving some pounds

It's not all about your big schemes, sometimes it pays to take a step back and make sure the small steps are in place. As they say, look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves. As you may well have noticed by now, I welcome just … [Continue reading]

Week 12

Those of you who read about week 11 might remember me mentioning that I got off to a storming start for week 12. I just seemed to have one of those weeks where everything I touched turned to gold. By Monday afternoon I was sitting on £170.00 - more … [Continue reading]

£20 worth of fuel for £9 – Act Fast!

Get £20 of shell fuel for less than £10

This one is a little gem, but the numbers are limited so you'll have to act fast. A 50% plus saving on the cost of fuel is always welcome. It's a little fiddly in what you have to do, but if you're willing to give it 10 minutes of your time it's a … [Continue reading]

Week 11

Week 11 money making

Amongst the many interesting challenges this project poses, perhaps one of the most stretching is the need to balance the many ongoing initiatives I have, come up with new innovations and increase the reach of the various ideas all whilst trying to … [Continue reading]

Week 10

Week 10 for the shoestring investor sees good income but unusual profit

Into the double figures, which means I'm nearly 1/5 of the way through this groundbreaking year. When I talk to many people about my undertaking and my progress so far, they often express surprise at how much I have made. I have been surprised by … [Continue reading]

The Richest Man in Babylon

By George S. Clason In 1926, George Clason began writing a series of informational pamphlets offering advice on financial matters. These pamphlets took the format of a series of parables set in ancient Babylon to illustrate the principles at hand. … [Continue reading]

Make over £100 in 2 hours

Making money has never been so easy

For a while now I have been milking the cash cow that is cashback sites. So far I have made over £500 on them and much of that has been from free offers or offers that pay more than the purchase. I want to show everyone how easy it is to make … [Continue reading]