Bank Error In Your Favour – Collect £10

Bank Error in your favour monopoly card

Not quite $200 but a happy surprise nonetheless

In a strange turn of events this week I noticed a deposit to my account of £10 from “SEQ Solutions LT”. I have no idea who this company is and don’t recall having any dealings with them. My account for this project is completely separate from any personal accounts I have and as such I have only given the details of it to relevant companies to pay me, and I’ve kept a stringent record of who has paid me and who owes me in my balance sheet (I have a slightly more detailed version that breaks down each individual company for my own record keeping). I cannot seem to match this £10 to anything I have record of. I contacted my bank to see if there had been an error or some fishy business going on but they were unable to shed any light on the matter and said that it looks like it’s mine to keep. An internet search for “SEQ Solutions LT” only serves to thicken the mystery; according to every source I can find it is a Surrey based company that dissolved in 2003 – long before this account even existed. I appreciate it is only £10 and nobody is probably going to bat an eyelid at that amount but to me it is perplexing.

If I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it by the end of this week I will just include it in ‘the stash’ as a ‘bank error in your favour’ and assume someone out there is willing me to achieve this goal. It’s like finding a tenner down the back of the sofa, only with much more mystery and far less biscuit crumbs.

Any budding detectives who may be reading this are welcome to voice any suggestions or do some sleuthing of their own – use the comments box below to share any ideas.

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  2. The mystery is solved! It turned out to be a trading name of one of the mystery shopping companies – and they had paid me an incorrect amount. Slightly disappointing, but at least I got to the bottom of it.

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