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Get paid to have a credit checkThe Shoestring Investor has been checking his credit file. With my Stoozing credit card nearing it’s limit, something occurred to me just recently. Something I hadn’t factored into my calculations when I decided to take it out. I was beginning to wonder what impact having a credit card maxed out to the region of just over £2,000 would have on my credit file, and in turn my ability to secure further credit if necessary.

Well, it’s good news folks. Whilst I’m not top of the credit tree, I’m happily in the loftier branches. According to CheckMyFile, I’m above the average UK credit scorer by a fair bit. As it turns out, the stoozing credit card is having almost no impact on my score thankfully. In fact, the only entry in the negative column (according to a tool offered by CheckMyFile, so probably to be taken with a small pinch of salt) is my young age! A little frustrating I must admit, as that is hardly my fault, though obviously it will naturally disappear as time goes on so nothing to particularly worry myself about.

CheckMyFile provide a handy summary and comparison

The even better news though is that I was paid to make this check! By clicking through from my TopCashBack account, I was able to receive just over £5 just for checking my credit file. Simply take out the 30 day free trial here, which can be cancelled at any time before the 30 days are up and it will cost nothing.

It’s a good idea to check every now and then, especially before applying for a financial product, to make sure everything is ok, spot where things could be improved and be alerted to any potential signs of fraud or incorrect information. It’s quite interesting to see what your score is like if nothing else. Can you beat a young man with no job and a maxed out credit card?

I was pleased that even someone in the slightly odd financial situation as I am, can still achieve a very respectable credit score. It just goes to show that it’s not about having loads of money, but about knowing how to manage finances. Perhaps I will do a bit of research and a post about how to get a maintain a healthy credit score if there’s interest for it in the future.

Happy credit checking!

Other good choices are: Experian Credit Expert and Equifax

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m going to do this. Your credit score is probably better than the UK government!

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