Humble Beginnings

1,000 A6 dog walking flyers

I went for a pastel blue. Apparently it invokes feelings of trust and peace. Could also have just been that it’s what the printers had at hand…

I got my first box of flyers today. Whilst to most other people this may not seem like cause for much excitement, I feel it is a momentous occasion as I’m sure it will be the first of many batches over the course of this pioneering year. This particular lot herald the start of my Dog Walking empire. I’ll be the first to admit that they are hardly at the cutting edge of modern advertising. Whilst they may not be anything special, they are simple and (hopefully) effective. 1,000 of them set me back £27. I was planning on just going for 500, but it was only an extra £5 to double it to 1,000 copies so I decided to splash out. Hopefully they will begin to pay for themselves sooner rather than later.

The hard work starts now though – I now have 1,000 leaflets to distribute. I plan to get to some local veterinary clinics and ask if I can leave a small stack in the reception areas, as well as try to display some in post offices and other local shops. After that though it is the tried and tested method of posting them through the doors of houses in my locality, and hoping that it at least generates a few interested clients somewhere along the way. I have to admit I’m a little unsure of what to expect, and seem to go from wondering if anyone at all will contact me to brash confidence that there’s bound to be loads of people interested. I’m sure only time will tell, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

Local Dog Walking Flyer

I’m not ruling out a career in graphic design just yet

Find out where this all began by reading The Idea, and how it ended up by reading the Dog Walking Experiment.

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  1. Excellent – bet your first dog is a massive Rotweiler!

  2. I think walking with a dog while u give leaflets is a good idea, the people will see i walking dogs and will trust u with theirs. Just a thought.

    • Yes I like your thinking. I spoke to two or three other dog walkers whilst walking today and was kicking myself for not having a few in my pocket!

  3. Do you actually like dogs?

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