Where’s week 18?

Sunny Weather, money makingDo not fear loyal Shoestring followers, my weekly update has not been neglected, it will just be with you slightly later than usual. This is because I chose to take advantage of the rare sunny weather to get a few outdoor activities done rather than writing the update. Plenty of flyers have been posted today!

I have also been trying to think of a way to take advantage of this warm spell to make a bit of money. A few ideas, but I don’t think I’ve quite cracked it yet. I’ll have to be quick to avoid missing the boat though! Any ideas are welcome in the comments or through the contact page.

Enjoy the weather, and hold your anticipation to find out how I made over £400 in Week 18 until tomorrow!

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  1. Brian says:

    Could you provide a garden watering service for those away on holiday this summer?

    • That’s not a bad shout. The difficult thing will be finding people to do it for, but it could certainly provide a lucrative few weeks if I can find some people.

  2. Lovely weather – what about car washes? A better alternative would mean an investment and you could buy a Karcher and charge people to jet wash their drives. I’d reckon on a good revenue for that £50 – £150 a time depending on size. You could also use the karcher for car washes as well but jet washing drives is what I would do.

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