Week 1

As the first full week of my project draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back and do my first weekly roundup. In my head I had a goal to have hit £100 by the end of week 1. Rather disappointingly I finished just £1.94 shy of that magic number, but it is so close I can’t help but feel pleased at how well it has gone. When I said to people, that I thought £10 could become £100 in a week, I got some doubtful responses, so I’m pleased to have hit so close to my first target. This week has mainly been about finding quick ways to increase my balance, without needing to shell any of my virtually non-existent capital out. This has sent me trawling the internet for offers and opportunities. Cashback has proved the real key in reaching this weeks total. There are plenty of big, reputable companies that will literally pay you just to try them. This has been supplemented with a few mystery shopping opportunities, which I hope to be able to make a little bit out of each week for the near future to keep the ‘stash’ ticking over.

The astute amongst you will have realised that £100 a week will be getting me nowhere near my£22,800 target. Step one was to get some funds to play with. Now I have built up a bit of capital behind me, I can move on to some bigger ventures. Even if it is simply to buy a bucket and sponge and get out to some cars, or to get some leaflets printed out to advertise services, I now have the scope to do that kind of thing. With a tenner, there weren’t too many opportunities available, with near £100 there are far more possibilities  This makes the coming week an exciting one. I will still be looking for low-cost, quick return methods to keep building the stash, but I can also now start to think slightly more long-term and get some bigger plans started.

In Summary: 

A pleasing start to the year ahead, but by no means reason to start cracking out the party poppers. Getting close to £100 was really the minimum necessary to be able to kick on with the project and start making some real money. Things appear to be on track, but there is a long way to go.

The Week Ahead: 

Plenty of ideas and plans for the coming week, which I’ll share with you over the coming days. It’s difficult to say what a sensible target is for this week, as it will inevitably take a while for any bigger opportunities to take off. I will be continuing my current ventures as well, although the nature of the cashback is that it will slow as I begin to deplete the best offers. I would certainly like to be turning at least another £150 this week, bringing me to around £250 overall.

Revenues in Week 1:

Week 1 Total: £98.06

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.


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  1. Looks like a solid start to me. Looking forward to week 2.

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