Week 12

Those of you who read about week 11 might remember me mentioning that I got off to a storming start for week 12. I just seemed to have one of those weeks where everything I touched turned to gold. By Monday afternoon I was sitting on £170.00 – more than I’ve made in some whole weeks! No doubt since then you’ve been losing sleep wondering how I pulled it off. Have I stumbled upon the method that’s going to make my goal a walk in the park? Have I struck the metaphorical gold mine? Unfortunately not – the great start to this week has to go down more to luck than judgement.

So, let me tell you the secret of my success this week. As I sat down to go from my emails, the same as each morning, I opened one from 888.com, who I had registered with to take advantage of their cashback offer. I get plenty of emails like this as you can probably imagine, and I usually just delete them, but this one caught my eye. It was offering £5 free credit. This required no deposit or anything on my part, so I thought why not see what happens. I opened up the site and got the roulette table loaded. I decided I would just choose 5 numbers and put £1 on each, that made my odds of winning 5/36. If I win I get £36, if I lose then it makes no difference considering I’ve got none of my money riding on it. So I put down my chips, spin the wheel and sit back expecting to see my money whisked away and get on with the real business of the day. Instead lucky number 23 comes up, and I’ve got £36 sitting in my account. Happy days I thought, and hurriedly clicked to the cashier to withdraw my new found riches. However, as is always the case with these offers, there were plentiful withdrawal conditions to meet. Simply put, it meant I needed to stake £1500 before I could withdraw any winnings from this bonus. I reckoned by placing reasonable bets, I could make it out with £15ish of these winnings once I’d staked that amount. Well, I bet 888.com are regretting not letting me take the £36 I originally had, because a couple of hours later, having finally met the withdrawal conditions, I was smugly withdrawing £163.00.

I’d just like to say as a word of caution, I only did this because it was not my money, but was a free promotional gift. I was extremely lucky and was more likely to walk away with nothing, I wouldn’t recommend trying to replicate this with your own money!

Not a place I would ordinarily recommend for making money – I turned a 316% return on my £5 gift

A great start to the week, and put me on track to reach the £2000 mark this week. That’s exactly what I managed, almost exactly reaching my target for the week and coming in pennies over £2000. It’s more of a superficial landmark than anything more significant, but it is nice to have surpassed it. It is also encouraging that my second £1,000 came quicker than the first.

I’m going to keep this update fairly short due to a combination of the fact that I’m coming up to a quarter of the way through the year, and plan to do a more in depth look back for that in a few days and that I’m away visiting family for the bank holiday weekend, so don’t want to spend it all stuck on a laptop! So later this week you can look forward to some retrospective reflections, assessment and plenty of graphs!

As such, I will just briefly run down some other points of income and leave it there. Much of them have been previously seen, so are not a huge surprise. My foray into Mecca Bingo for cashback purposes also saw my luck streak continue, nearly doubling my £10 deposit before even taking into account the £28 cashback. After a strong start to the week, the FTSE took a hit this week, and as such my tracker fund investment lost some money, but is still up on the whole. This made it really touch and go as to whether it would stop me reaching the £2000 mark, and I was scavenging around looking for any way to make a few pennies just in case it took me below that mark, but thankfully it just stopped short of that.

In Summary:

Right on target this week, and I’m happy to have hit the £2,000 mark, as well as having one of my best weeks in terms of total profit. It has been a slightly strange week in that there have been many distractions with other things going on meaning some targets have been pushed back slightly, but the lucky streak I enjoyed meant this is not evidenced in the earnings.

Revenues in Week 12:

Less expenses of £50.00:

Week 12 Total: £278.86

Running Total: £2000.10

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

Week 13 – unlucky for some..? We’ll have to see. Having broken the £2,000 mark, it’s time to push on and accelerate earnings more quickly. I have some exciting prospects upcoming and some slightly different approaches to trial. I have some good posts planned as well that I haven’t had time yet to execute, so plenty to look forward to! I’ve also got a fair chunk of cash sitting around now, so I’ll be looking at the best place to invest that. Being away for the bank holiday means this week is going to be curtailed slightly, and I’m struggling to see quite how I’ll get to the lofty heights of week 12 with 2 days lost, so I’m going to aim for a target of £200 in week 13

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  1. Catherine says:

    Very encouraging progress and excellent write up.

  2. You must be working hard at the Mystery Shopping. It takes quite some time to make sure you notice every thing you need to report on and then to fill in the reports in the detail required. How much of your time do you spend report writing?

    • Hi Ray, I’ve found that with practice you generally learn what to look out for. But every assignment is slightly different, so you’re right, you have to read the brief and pay attention. Luckily I’m fairly fast at data entry/typing, so reports aren’t as painful as they could be. I have also come to the stage where I am getting fairly picky about the visits I choose to do. As such, I would say I spend a few hours a week on actual report writing.

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