Week 13

Week 13 sees me make £200I had thought week 13 may well be a bit of a struggle, and had worried it was going to be a complete flop. This was because I was away for the Monday and Tuesday, and thus was unable to do much, if anything to make money for the first two days. Not only that, but being away for a few days meant I hadn’t been able to really organise much to be doing for the week, so really had no idea quite what my strategy was, or where the money would be coming from.

However, contrary to my fears, it actually turned out to be a fairly good week considering, in reality, it was only a few days long. I managed to reach nearly £200, which just a few weeks ago I would have been happy to be getting in a full week. It’s difficult to know how pleased to be with this – I need to be making far more each week if I’m going to reach my target, but for 3, maybe 4 at the most, days of work, it isn’t too shabby.

A large chunk of this weeks total came from the mystery shopping – I managed to pick up a few very well paid assignments that were very handy indeed. It just goes to show that if you are looking in the right places, there really is money to be made out there. I also made the most of the introductory offers associated with opening the Mecca Bingo account, which I did a couple of weeks ago, and made another £25 from that – that takes my profit on that site to over £35. It’s mostly luck, but it is also about taking advantage of the promotions in the right way, and playing the games with the least people in, and thus maximising odds of winning.

A few of the new sources of income you will recognise from my most recent post, combining the effect of those little things that make a difference in a small way. I should point out that the Adsense total is from the month rather than just the week, as this is the way Google totals it. However it is a decent amount, and if things carry on like that, I will hit the £60 withdrawal threshold by the end of the year.

The Saturday Night Football has been one of the successes so far

The Saturday Night Football has been one of the successes so far

It was a bumper week for Saturday Night Football this week with a record turnout of 17. Even with this amount I am not making huge profits on it – around £15 for the night. Because many who come are friends, it is the kind of thing that I hardly want to start exploiting people’s friendship over. However, £15 for an hour of playing football is certainly not something to be sniffed at, and it is an interesting experiment that provides a model that I may well expand into a more profitable venture when the time is right.

The tracker fund I was so excited about just weeks ago continues it’s slow spiraling downturn. However, it is still just about in net profit, and the green shoots of recovery seem to be on the horizon. It is just one of those things, the stock market fluctuates, and this is just a part of that. However, when you’re tracking it into a weekly total, it can be a bit disappointing to see negative figures denting your hard work week after week. Alas, the time will hopefully come when it is adding to, rather than taking away from, my other activities.

In Summary:

Just under the target for the week, and in fact if the Tracker fund losses were removed, I would again have been just over my target. The encouragement there is that I am not in control of the stock markets movements, and thus I am seeming to become alarmingly accurate with my weekly targets. Perhaps it is a psychological thing, and that I need to start being more ambitious, and will begin to stretch further with my earnings as I do so.

Revenues in Week 13:

Less expenses of £30.00:

Week 13 Total: £197.32

Running Total: £2197.27

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

It promises to be a good week ahead – I have 2 days scheduled in off one off work. It’s not the best pay, but is decent and means I know I will at least reach a certain amount. I also have coming up a very exciting prospect. I am looking at investing in something that will be my biggest investment so far by a long way. I can’t reveal too many details as yet, but things are in motion and I hope to be making some real strides forward soon. As for week 14, in light of my previous comments about stretching further, and I indeed need to if I want to have any chance of keeping in touch with my target, I will aim for £300 in week 14.

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  1. Chris says:

    I’ve had to wait until wednesday for this. Don’t keep us in suspense so long next time! haha.

  2. Catherine says:

    I like the sound of the way things are progressing and will be interested to hear more exciting plans re your big investment. you did well last week considering it was shorter and I agree
    about raising yor target for each week now. I think psychologically it will help you raise more.

  3. brian says:

    Congrats on the bingo!

    I would like to see you taking more big bets. Set a zero target one week and just spend the time investing in something where you will get big returns.

    One avenue for idea generation may be to use Gumtree. I recently looked on itand they have a load of services that people provide.you could take a look at what the people are doing and see if there is anything there which you could replicate.

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