Week 19

Week 19 heralds the breakthrough I had been looking forAfter last week’s incredible roulette haul, it was always likely to be a case of ‘back down to earth with a bump’ this week. Just how hard that bump would be was the question though. In terms of money made, this week has come far below the high standard set last week. However, in long-term sustainable income, it has been a rosier picture altogether, and that was the real key message I felt came from last week. A big one-off windfall is great, and I’ll always be happy if one comes, but unless it comes on top of a good level of steady regular income, it is not going to get me anywhere. As such, my key now is to find those regular, ongoing income sources to build that foundation from.

A cursory glance at my income sources for this week will tell you a few things. The first thing you might notice is that mystery shopping has been my biggest earner this week. After a couple of weeks of saying I am cutting back on this, you may be forgiven for assuming I buckled under the pressure and slipped back into the safe, old habits. However, I assure you it’s not the case. I never said I would eliminate mystery shopping, just that I would be far more selective to ensure the best use of time. This £54.92 came from just 4 assignments (and one referral fee of £1.50 that I get for directing people to MarketForce, if they signup and conduct an assignment – if you want to learn more my use of this type of income generation see the affiliate links page). It’s probably a total of between 3-4 hours work. As such, it’s a decent use of my time, especially considering I didn’t have too many other sources of income occurring this week.

Dog Walking

I have them trained to pose already!

The second thing you may spot is that I have myself a new source of income, and one that I’m pretty pleased about. Those who follow me on social media (and if you don’t, whyever not? It’s as simple as clicking those buttons in the top right of the page) will already have heard the great news that I have finally got my first dog walking client. After two walks I’ve almost broke even on the flyers I had printed off, so it is beginning to look like a better investment than I had first feared. I will be posting an update on my dog walking venture with more information later this week for those interested, so I won’t go into detail here. However, it is my first real regular income source, and I am pleased to have this base amount that I will, almost invariably, be receiving each week – it is exactly the type of thing I was talking about last week – and, especially in this weather, is quite literally a walk in the park!

The third thing you might notice is my stock market investment has improved again for the third week running! I had posted on twitter and facebook (see all this exciting stuff you would miss out on by not following me) about it having finally returned to break even in the middle of the week. This the growth continued through the latter part as well, and incidentally has carried on today. This means the investment as of this morning is about £10 up overall. It’s not fantastic but it is nothing to bemoan at the same time. This is an avenue I need to explore further as I now have a large pot of money that needs investing somewhere, and the more passive income it can earn me the better – unless of course I’m tying it up in other, more potentially profitable, ventures.

In Summary:

Not the greatest week in terms of income, but a steady weekly income has emerged at last. Not the largest, but I now know almost every week for the foreseeable future I have a base income of £60. Whilst that isn’t enough to mean I can rest on my laurels, it does mean I can use it as a starting block for building upwards from, rather than starting from zero each week.

Revenues in Week 19:

Less expenses of £30.98:

Week 19 Total: £113.36

Running Total: £3470.53

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

Next week will mark the end of the moody teens and the transition into the 20’s. Hopefully this marks a trend in more than just the number of weeks, and that my income can mature to a higher level too. With a regular income source now established, it gives me a little more freedom to explore other ideas without so much of a pressure on where I can scrape my earnings together. I have a couple of ideas to explore, including establishing a new niche website and the possibility of buying in some stock to sell. Already knowing a couple of income sources for this week, I am going to aim to make  £275 in week 20.

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  1. Catherine says:

    All very god stuff and I like your way of making a regular income. as property is on the way up, had you thought of property development????

  2. Hmm… walking other people’s dogs? Just wondering, what are the implications should these dogs come to harm? Are there any insurances that protect yourself from upset customers?

    Either way, good work on dog walking! May it last longer and who know, maybe it will turn even more of the money spinner but I would still urge you to think about possible risks as well.


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