Week 2

Week 2 has turned out to be a strange one, and hasn’t gone as I had necessarily wanted it to, but the end result is pretty pleasing nonetheless. At the start of the week I had a number of ideas I wanted to analyse and put to the test, but other things kept coming up, which pushed them back. I managed to get some more money out of the cashback sites, and fit in some mystery shopping assignments, both of which helped add a trickle of revenue to ‘the stash’. In terms of new projects in this week, I started with looking at paid survey sites, but decided it probably wasn’t the right route to go down. I also looked at Search Lotto, more out of speculation than anything else, but it turned out I won £1 on one of the draws last week. I know it’s not anything much, but it does show the site is legitimate, that shiny pound coin is in my bank account as I speak.  These ideas are small and just tide-overs really till I get stuck into the meaty stuff, as I had planned to start this week. However, I received information on Tuesday that there may be a small business opportunity coming up, it’s something I can’t really discuss at the moment, but something that may be on the horizon for the future. preparing for this took a chunk of tine which I had planned to use on starting some bigger ventures this week. Because of this, the middle of week 2 was looking pretty poor in terms of money coming in. Just when things were looking pretty bleak, I received a call from a friend asking if I was available to do a couple of day work on the Friday and Saturday. Just what the doctor ordered! It was £150 for the two days, plus a small amount of commission on sales where possible. I jumped at the opportunity, and thanks to that, the stash is looking a lot healthier now than I had been fearing towards the start of the week. It has however meant that I haven’t been able to kick-off any of the projects I was planning, but that means this week I have plenty of ideas and things to be doing, so it is looking like another busy week ahead.

In Summary: 

Not quite what I had expected to be doing this week, but altogether I have to be pleased with the amount I made, it is slightly more that I thought I would be able to end up with at the end of week 2. It just goes to show that it is worth being flexible around plans, as none of what I had planned to do this week has actually been done, but I have reached a satisfactory outcome regardless. If I’ve learnt anything from this week it’s that I’m going to have to be pretty adaptive to whatever the circumstances might throw at me if I’m going to succeed in this challenge.

The Week Ahead: 

It’s a strange one to call. I had seen week 2 as the week I lay a lot of groundwork, so I could push on after, but the way things have panned out it looks like that will have to be this coming week instead. As such, while I am setting up for the new plans I have, it might take a while for the reward to start rolling in. As such I’d like to think I could aim for a similar amount as I achieved in week 2, so about £200 this week, bringing me to around £550 overall.

Revenues in Week 2:

Week 2 Total: £243.21

Running Total: £341.27

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.


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  1. Have you tried Amazon’s mechanical Turk? I think I made about 10p on this once

    I think it can be pretty slim pickings but I hear that there is money to be made of you have the right tactics.

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