Week 23


Week 23 for the shoestring investorThere wasn’t much time for easing back into things as it was back to the grind this week. There was plenty of catching up to do after my “jet-setting lifestyle” got in the way last week. Whilst it was interesting to see what happened to the income of the project when it was left entirely pilotless, it was not too enjoyable to have a week of low earnings setting me back. I couldn’t afford to let it spill over and effect another week’s earnings, even though there was plenty to catch up on.

It has been an acceptable week, although there was something of a hangover effect from the previous week. Not only is there that slight lethargy of a first day back to work after an enjoyable holiday to conquer, but there was also a small mountain of emails and tasks to be sorted before I could even get stuck into the real money making. This proved a minor distraction, but certainly didn’t completely derail things.

The presence of this blog is beginning to pay off as I begin to make a small amount of money from affiliate advertisements. This week saw referral fees from a mystery shopping site total £3 and cashback site total £12.50. In all I estimate I’ve made around £80 from this type of monetisation on the site, which is fairly good, but once the amount of time invested in creating the site and writing content is considered, it isn’t as impressive as it first sounds. However, the beauty of this type of income is that once the content is there, it needs very little ongoing attention from me, but can continue to produce revenue for years, hopefully growing over time as the popularity of this site increases.

Work on the website I have been commissioned to create by a local air conditioning company has taken up a large portion of my time this week, and is beginning to progress well. The second instalment was paid this week, so gave a sizeable boost to my weekly income to match the time I have given it. This is a route that could well provide a great source of revenue in the future as well, as once I have increased my portfolio of sites I have created, I can increase my prices accordingly, whilst the increased experience will mean I can complete the projects in less time, in theory.

Saturday Night Football made a comeback this week after a few weeks off, and was as enjoyable as ever. Although, as I had feared the two week break disrupted the momentum and caused the turnout to be low, meaning I ended up making a slight loss on this weeks game. In hindsight I should have put procedures in place to make sure that it continued despite me being away, but that was down to poor planning in reality. However, it is a lesson learnt for the future, and a £2.50 loss to learn a lesson isn’t too bad by anyone’s measure. Hopefully the momentum will build again now and I can recuperate that loss next week.

Other income boiled down to a few online surveys, which are a good way to make a little money in a spare 20 minutes, and now I am only cherry-picking the best paid surveys, it is a pretty good rate of pay at £3 for 15-20 minutes work. An extra day of dog walking, doing 6 rather than the usual 5 this week helped to push me over the £200 mark and was very welcome. In fact, I only actually walked them 5 of those 6 days, as on one of the days I turned up the gate was locked and I couldn’t get in, but I have extremely nice clients who insisted on paying me regardless as they said it was their mistake.

Ad.fly advertisingPerhaps more interesting this week is one of my outgoings. I came across a site called Adfly, which you may not recognise, but if you spend a lot of time online, will probably have experienced at some point. It is essentially a service that sells visitors to a site through advertising, but not in the usual Google Ads sort of way. It really deserves a post of it’s own, so to avoid making this too long as I talk about my experience, I will leave it there for now and be publishing a post to fill you in on what I did and how it went tomorrow (subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out).

In Summary:

It took a little while to get back in the routine and on top of things after the week away, meaning I didn’t achieve quite what I had hoped, but nevertheless, the ‘hangover effect’ was not too far reaching and the week went relatively well. I am particularly happy to see affiliate marketing bringing in a small but significant sum of passive income, which I was so keen to emphasise last week.

Revenues in Week 23:

Less expenses of £34.32:

Week 23 Total: £203.61

Running Total: £4195.12

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

There is still work to do on the website I am designing, so I must allow a good amount of time for that. I also have an exciting niche website that should be ready to launch this week. I’ve been keeping it under wraps a little as it has been a bit of a mystery even to me, but it is ready to go. It is done partly as a labour of love, so while I don’t see it bringing in huge amounts, it should give a small boost to my advertising earnings and it has some long-term potential as well, so that should be an exciting part of next week. Overall, I hope to be able to make £250 in week 24.

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  1. Nice work. Just wondering how much of your time doing all these efforts. I mean, are there any “me” time? 🙂


    • Me time is for suckers Joe! 😉

      Of course I joke, but to be honest I enjoy a lot of what I do, so the lines blur slightly. On average though I probably work about 8-10 hours per day, and when you consider I have no travel time (as I work from home), this would be pretty equal to most other professions. Whilst I’m not making as much at the moment, everything I’m building is for my own little empire, rather than someone elses.

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