Week 24

Week 24 Shoestring Investor

In honour of the number 24, and in true Jack Bauer style, I will keep this post short and to the point. No messing, no nonsense. This may be more down to the fact that I have an awful lot of things to get done, but that seems like a less entertaining excuse.

With that said, let’s get on with things. Week 24 was not particularly successful. The amount of money coming in harks back to the early stages of the project, whereas things had been coming a long way in recent weeks. So what went wrong? Well a lot of time was taken up in things that weren’t making instant returns. Some tweaking of websites, a little planning for future endeavours, and a lot of work on the website I am designing for someone all contribute to the earnings of this week being lower than I would like. However, on the bright side, all these activities should help to provide income in the future, and thus aren’t a waste of time, but that doesn’t stop week 4 appearing a little weak.

The launch of a new website this week was a highlight, and it has already passed the 1,000 views mark in about 9 days. It’s not astronomical, but it took a lot longer than that to get this site to that landmark (although this blog now well outstrips that in terms of visitor numbers). Perhaps I am learning a little about launching a website. What does this mean – well there will be a small boost in the amount of revenue from advertising initially, but then the real fun will come in trying to grow this over time into something that can really pull in an audience and make some money. An interesting project certainly, and hopefully something that will be of long-term benefit.

Shoestring Advertising

Only time will tell how successful my advertising was

There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary in the earnings this week, so I will instead fill you in on my AdF.ly experiment (read about it here). I purchased £6.40 worth of advertising with them, and for this received 2,000 visitors, which I spread over 4 days. This time it was all traffic within the UK. It is early days, and difficult to tell how effective it has been, but advertising revenue is up a little, as would be expected. I also saw a little affiliate marketing income from the post I was directing the traffic to. It is impossible to tell if this is a result of the advertising or an organic visit, however my hunch is that it is the latter. As such, I won’t be purchasing anymore AdF.ly advertising at this current moment, but will allow the dust to settle and see if any more affiliate income shows up over the next couple of days from this post – if so, it may well be worth giving another shot.

In Summary:

A slow week in terms of income, and much of it spent doing tasks that do not equate to immediate income. Whilst some of this will hopefully yield benefits in the future, I may need to take a look at time spent on certain activities and ‘cut the fat’ as it were.

Revenues in Week 24:

Less expenses of £36.40:

Week 24 Total: £75.96

Running Total: £4270.87

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

Hopefully week 25 can provide some much needed improvement. There a few things I anticipate to be happening, but also a lot of unknowns, so the direction of where the money will come from is a little uncertain at the moment. However, I will aim to make £200 in week 25.

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  1. Well, you are still working on this quest! 🙂 It would not be long before you reach halfway point, Week 26. Actually, when you mention building website, I realised that more and more websites I attended are thinly disguised blog format as website. One of the company I invested looked more like a blog format, wordpress rather than actual website. In many ways, it does make sense and it is easier to edit posts I guess.

    But what do I know about building websites anyway! 🙂


    • Yep, halfway is approaching fast! I hope to knock together a bit of an epic halfway review with all kinds of nonsense – so look out for that in a couple of weeks.

      You’re spot on about the blog websites, apparently about 20% of all websites are now using WordPress, and a few big names (CNN, BBC Top Gear to name just two). It’s generally all the same deep down, just depends how you dress it up.

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