Week 3

Does week 3 deliver the magic for me?

Does week 3 deliver the magic for me?

It’s that time again, to analyse the week just passed and look ahead to the week commencing. So, what has week 3 had to offer. Well, as I predicted in my last roundup, it has been a week of foundation laying predominantly. This foundation has mainly been focused on two projects, one of which has been building up a website. I will write more in depth about it in a week or two when it is closer to launch. It isn’t going to bring in big money, but is part a labour of love and part a way to make a steady few pounds each week. It is also somewhat a dipping the toe into the water – if it goes well I have plans to roll it out to a wider scale. What this space for more details. The second I am still ironing out the finer details on, but the ball is in motion to set up a small scale computer repair service in the local area. It needs a fair bit more work to get it kicked off, but I have made a start to it – the sooner I can get that one in full swing the better I reckon. Neither of these ideas, as excited as I might be about them are bringing in any kind of money at the moment. This has meant I’ve really had to squeeze in every opportunity I could manage to make sure things didn’t begin to stagnate revenue wise. The spate of extra mystery shopping sites I joined last week week really paid dividends for this, as I found myself doing everything from shopping for a luxury car to ordering some flowers. I also managed to pick up some welcome cashback offers – something I plan on doing a more detailed feature on to show how easy it is to make upwards of £100 off it in just a matter of an hour or two of your time. Some of the bets I had placed to trigger cashback rewards also paid out this week and landed in my bank account which is nice to see. None of these are new ideas to my plan, but this week did see my first foray into the somewhat strange world of auctions. You can read how I got on here. Whilst I didn’t ‘bag’ any of the lost-luggage I had intended to, I at least made some attempt at getting into the concept, and picked up a bargain little Xbox to sell on for my troubles.

In Summary: 

Not a rip-roaring success, but not a failure either. Just about par for the course I’d say, although it certainly has been a time consuming week for what I have to show for it. Hopefully some of the projects I have got started with can soon begin to really start making the difference in bringing in the much needed steady cash flow.

Revenues in Week 3:

Less expenses of £22.34, plus assets of £20.00:

Week 3 Total: £193.86

Running Total: £535.13

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

I feel like, whilst I have plenty of ideas, the majority of them are going to take a while to really start bearing fruit. This is somewhat of a problem when I have what I am fast learning is a pretty short time-span. I’m not altogether sure where I will be able to make the money I really need to this week, so the imaginition will have to start going into overdrive to come up with something. I struggle to see how I will make alot this week, but I certainly do not want to be taking a step backwards, so I am hoping for around £200 this week, bringing me to around £750 in total.

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  1. The summary at the bottom says week 2 totals.

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