Week 5

After week 4 I approached this week feeling I needed something of a return to form. It’s not that week 4 was particularly bad in regards to earnings, it wasn’t great either, but what concerned me more was that I was in danger of essentially becoming a full time mystery shopper. As noble a calling as that might be in life, it is hardly the aim of my project, and so I needed to rethink things slightly. As such, my goal for week 5 was to begin broadening the horizons a little and seek for some more initiatives to bring the necessary income. Whilst a large percentage of my income for this week did still come from mystery shopping, I am less concerned about it, as a cursory glance at my revenue streams for the week will show a couple of new additions. More importantly, the wheels have been set in motion this week with some more long-term opportunities that should provide a regular steady income, such as dog walking and Saturday Night Football. Whilst neither are ground breaking, they are getting more towards the kind of ideas I need to be undertaking to reach my goal.

Positive thinking

I can’t help but feel week 5 warrants one of these annoying motivational images

The easter weekend saw eBay hold one of it’s ‘no insertion fee’ periods. I decided to take advantage of this, and as well as selling the pair of trainers I got (at a profit of £14.20), I also had a rummage around and got rid of a few things I had no use of. After all the eBay and PayPal fees are taken into account it’s a modest amount (about £35), but it’s better than cluttering up the house.

In terms of the actual financial results of week 5, it’s a little lower than I had hoped for. I’ve come up about £30 shy of my target for the week. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about, but it is a little disappointing – each week I don’t reach my target means more needs to be done in coming weeks. It is still the early stages though and I’m confident that as things begin to pick up speed I can recover small setbacks like these.

In Summary: 

A more positive feel to this week. Whilst in terms of profit I’ve come up slightly short, I feel it is outweighed by the new initiatives that have begun, and a few more have come to my mind which I will be implementing in the coming week or two. I think this is essential at this point, especially now as I’m beginning to have enough financial resources to become slightly more adventurous in what I attempt.

Revenues in Week 5:
  • Cashback               = £19.86
  • Mystery Shopping  = £173.60
  • Returned Stakes     = £2.33
  • eBay                       =£64.90
  • SNFootball              =£2.21

Less expenses of £28.46, less assets of £15.00:

Week 5 Total: £221.44

Running Total: £901.02

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

I see this week being more about building for the future of the project than garnering immediate success. I feel now is the time to begin laying the groundwork for some of the bigger plans that will enable me to reach my goal. As such I plan to have some relatively large outgoings in the course of this week. Because of that, I have to be realistic in where I set my target. I would certainly be disappointed if I had not broken the £1,000 barrier by the end of the week though, so will aim for a net income of £150 for week 6.

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  1. Chris says:

    Enjoying this and looking forward to the £1,000 barrier being smashed!

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