Week 6

I had envisioned week 6 to be a week of building for the future. In some ways that was the case, but not to the extent I expected. I had significantly bigger outgoings this week, and whilst that may sound like a bad thing, I’m looking at it positively. It means things are happening. Obviously I’m not suggesting that purely spending more money equates to more success, but it’s a sign that expansion is underway through various means.

The first game of Saturday Night Football took place this week and was a moderate success. As might be expected with a new start-up of this sort numbers were a little on the low side. As such I actually made a small loss on it – about £1.80, so I think I can just about swallow that. Things have started though, and those who attended enjoyed a good game. We have expanded our communication channels for getting the word out, so hopefully it grows from here.

A lot of revenue still came from mystery shopping, if I’m honest I’m surprised at just how much I’ve been able to make out of it. Clearly I don’t want it to be a long term solution but it has proved very useful in providing a flow of income whilst I initiate longer-term projects. I am getting a little concerned at how reliant on it I have been though and now feel the sooner I can have it be only a secondary source of income to my real aims the better.

For those wondering what the expenses were this week, it was largely down to SNFootball expenses and dog walking flyers. I also picked up a couple of brand new “It’s a Wonderful Life” DVD’s for only £5.10 each. I have listed them on Play.com, and whilst I may end up waiting until December before anyone buys them I reckon I’ll make a few quid out of them.

In Summary: 

I came in slightly over what I had estimated for the week, but I feel that is more a sign that I will struggle next week than anything else. A couple of expenses I expected to occur this week look like it will actually now be delayed till next. It’s not a bad thing though as I have now well and truly broken that £1,000 mark. I hope it will provide a psychological boost if nothing else.

Revenues in Week 6:

Less expenses of £67.20, plus assets of £10.20:

Week 6 Total: £185.61

Running Total: £1086.63

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 
Lego bricks

Building foundations now should be beneficial in the long run.

I’m hopeful that the dog walking flyers will bring in some business and that I can get a steady bit of income from it each week – it would certainly be welcome to get a reliable, regular income source established at this point, even if it is relatively small. Apart from that, I plan to need to make some fairly large expenses this week for a new project I am going to try. This means I need to be realistic about what I can achieve, especially as it may be a few weeks before the effect of some of my new project begin to (hopefully) pay dividends. I am going to aim again for a net income of £150 for week 7.

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