Week 9

Week number 9

Number 9 is associated with a certain pedigree – something I was determined to live up to

Things have been a bit quiet on the post front this week – whilst I’m not happy about it, it is a sign of the positive week more than anything else. I have had a couple of posts I’ve wanted to write but just seemed to run out of time for various reasons. However, there will be a fresh new idea for you tomorrow to make up for it – try to control your excitement. So I best explain why it’s been such a busy week. I have really focused on getting the Computer Services up and running, and it is now all ready to go – website is looking good and leaflets are currently being dealt with at the printers. Now I just have to find some customers! I was lucky enough that someone I know asked me to help out with his computer and was generous enough to give me some money for it, so the ball has already started rolling on that front – now it needs to be a focus to get some custom starting to come in for this over the next couple of weeks.

Another large time investment this week has been to research somewhere to put the money I have so far. I was getting more and more uneasy about it languishing in my current account achieving nothing. Whilst I have a very basic knowledge of markets and investment options – and a bit of common sense – I didn’t feel I knew enough to make a fully educated decision. As such most spare moments I had were spent researching options and getting various opinions. I was aware it would be easy to excitedly rush in and as such felt it best to find out my options and what will work best for my situation. I have decided on a course of action but will leave it at that until I post full details of the master plan tomorrow.

I genuinely can’t believe how much money is out there to be made through cashback offers. For anyone who has a bit of time on their hands it is perfectly possible to make £100 in a few hours. Whilst it’s not going to pay for the retirement, it’s certainly a nice little bonus. I plan to put a step-by-step guide together on how it can be done, so those who are interested should watch this space.

As I mentioned last week, a friend gave me some stuff to shift and one of the DVD’s I listed on Play.com sold. It’s not a huge amount, but welcome nonetheless – especially considering it was all free stuff. Other than that, this week has seen a few of the old favourites help me out in terms of my total. Despite this, somewhat disappointingly I came in under the target I had set myself by just over £60. It’s not large enough for me to really panic, but it is slightly worrying. I do think it is partly though that a small bout of overconfidence last week prompted me to aim a little higher than perhaps sensible, but it can’t hurt to strive slightly higher, as long as it isn’t so lofty that it becomes meaningless and defeats the object of setting a target.

In Summary:
Gauge of success

This week lands somewhere around the average mark

Another good week, but not outstanding by any stretch. Whilst I would have liked to have made more I have come in with a respectable total I feel. I’m also happy with how much I have got done in terms of getting other things ready, and whilst I am a few days behind the schedule I set myself for the Computer Services project, I am at launch stage now and have plans laid to make up for that lost time next week. I have also been pleased this week at the response I have received when telling people about my year long project – many people have been able to offer advice or ideas of some kind that have prompted new ideas to investigate and pursue. It’s another positive learning experience that I would not be getting if it wasn’t for this slightly out of the ordinary venture.

Revenues in Week 9:

Less expenses of £50.90:

Week 9 Total: £195.63

Running Total: £1478.08

For a full breakdown, see the balance sheet.
The Week Ahead: 

A steady but not overwhelming week has built on the good week previously. There is plenty to be done in week 10 and some exciting prospects. I have decided a better approach at them moment is to set my targets in realistic increments, so as to use one week’s performance as a building block to reach further the next. As such I am aiming for £225 in week 10.

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